Why does the Koyote constantly fail and what he could learn from Kaizen



I am recently going through some Looney Tunes cartoons with my almost 5 years old daughter. If you ask what is her favourite one she says: The Roadrunner.

So I am looking at the Koyote. He is one of the most creative creatures I’ve ever seen. Just brilliant with his ideas of trying to catch the Roadrunner. He is totally out of the box finding out new ways.

His perseverance is something I truly envy. I would simply give up after first season. He is probably a guy with the biggest bad luck in the world but never gives up and he is totally and fully focused on his clear goal.

So why doesn’t he succeed? Why such brilliant values like perseverence, creativity and ownership don’t pay him back?

Well he is making one but cruicial mistake. He doesn’t improve. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes. When one idea fails, instead of improving it, he is trying something completely new. Unlike Edison who carried out his experiment 7000 times until it worked, the Koyote gives up after 1 trial.

Continuous improvement means that we constantly improve the process, learn from it and adapt to changing environment. I can bet if the Koyote would try the same method for few times, he would succeed very quick.


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