Value Flow Map vs. Process Map


Unfortunately, in this great country of ours, I have yet to see a good Value Flow Map. What I have come across are strange hybrids of process maps and value streams that give me chills. I want to explain the differences between the two, which are quite fundamental.



Value Flow Map:

  • Shows how a Client is serviced
  • Shows the entire business as a whole
  • Illustrates how we service Clients (present state) in the whole company
  • Shows direction of how we would like to service Clients (future state)
  • Shows waste between processes
  • Is high-level
  • Shows systemic improvements
  • Is created using a variety (even several dozen) symbols
  • Includes suppliers and clients
  • We can calculate Lead Time from it (based on times of individual processes)
  • You read it from the back


Process Map:

  • Illustrates the processing of a product or transaction
  • Shows a singular process in a company
  • Shows added value and waste in a particular process
  • Future state maps can also be created
  • Is detailed
  • Shows process improvements – quicker to implement
  • Is created using 4 symbols
  • Usually applies to a specific process, though may be cross-functional
  • Processing Time can be calculated
  • You read it from the beginning


Summing up:


Let’s take a pizzeria as an example. Value Flow Map will show us how a client receives what he or she ordered and what the whole restaurant looks like; Process Map, on the other hand, will show to make a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.